About us

Mendips is a service company dedicated to develop audiovisual activities.

Mendips has currently a production structure in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Cuba, Montenegro, Ukraine, Thailand and soon in Albania.

Mendips's expertise focuses on:

  • Advertising Shoots, Documentaries, Music Videos and Feature Films.
  • Photoshooting Support.
  • Representation of International Filmmakers and Photographers
  • Research of Locations
  • International Casting
  • Technical Equipment Rental
  • Special Transportation Rental
  • Organization of Events



The name has origin from the region of “Mendips Hills” in England, in the county of Sommerset: this is an exceptionally beautiful area designated by the government as "Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty".

Mendips Corporation was founded in 2002 in Barcelona by Mario Reinach.

Mario Reinach was born in Milan in 1965. After studying and having some work experience in marketing and sales, Mario moved to live and work in Cuba, where he created the first foreign company in the country, in the field of audiovisual productions. At this stage obtained important concessions from local institutions, starting a great business that is now very important for Cuba.

After twelve years in the Caribbean, Mario moved to Spain where, with the help of his best customers, open a new company in the film production market, in Barcelona: Mendips Corporation.

Between 2002 and 2006 Mendips has concentrated its activities supporting productions in Spain and Bulgaria achieving the best quality at the lowest cost in the production market.

After more than twenty years experience in production services, in 2010, Mendips also begins to represent in the market Filmmakers. Currently has a portfolio of the best-known filmmakers: Pedro Aznar, Eduardo Maclean, Juan Luis Arruba, Tom Sabin, Toni Alba among others and many young filmmakers, who, with the experience of the "masters" rising the Spanish advertising market.

Mendips also has a database of over one hundred international filmmakers of all levels that can satisfy every requirement in all projects.

Mendips always guarantee the best results at the lowest cost by four concepts:

  • Flexibility of structure, with production offices in different countries.
  • The best professionals in the market.
  • Suppliers and reliable experts.
  • Tenacity, strength, enthusiasm and resources to reach the achievement of any goal.

With each production office and numerous partnerships with international producers, Mendips can provide production services almost worldwide. In the last years has produced in Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, United States, Bahamas, Martinique, Spain, Italy, Germany, Finland, Iceland, France, England, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Lebanon , UAE, Thailand, China and Australia.

In-home Filmmakers, Producers, Production Managers, Art Directors, and Location and Casting Managers with years of experience in the audiovisual market, guarantee the performance of a high-quality production in every country where Mendips is present.

More than twenty years of experience in the market, have made of Mendips the best provider that you can need to produce outside of your home country.

The quality and quantity are its premises, producing a select number of special events annually. Each client receives full attention and complete full-time.


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Headquarter & Accounting

  • Turó de Monterols 7, - 08006 Barcelona - Spain
  • East Europe Office: Kinozenter -Sofia, Bulgaria -mail:bulgaria@themendips.com
  • Portugal Office: Lisbon -Ph. +35 130 880 2429 -mail:portugal@themendips.com
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  • F. +34 933 283 315
  • M. +34 930 153 836
  • E. office@mendips.es

Executive Producer - Mario Reinach

  • mail: mario@mendips.es - M: +34 695 168 250
  • Producer - Luca Trivulzio
  • mail: luca@mendips.es - M: +34 692 956 946

Head of Production - Paula Monras

  • mail: paula@mendips.es - M: +34 629 770 654
  • Office Manager / PA - Alejandro Suarez
  • mail: ale@mendips.es - M: +34 625 065 507

Accounting & HHRR

  • Accountant: Lidia Salvado - lidia@mendips.es - Tel. +34 930 153 836
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  • HHRR: Eva Garces Soler - egarces@mendips.net - Tel. +34 930 153 836