Directors and Photographers

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Fabrizio Mari

DIRECTOR-  Italian speaks fluent English, French, Spanish. I studied in Milano and I started to work in a production house as AD for years ....

Curro Bernabeu- Director

DIRECTOR - Curro Bernabeu is a director and screenwriter licensed in Audiovisual Communication, and holding a Master’s degree in cinematographic dir...

Ignacio Rodó

DIRECTOR-Ignacio F. Rodó always wanted to be a troubadour. Unfortunately, he was born several centuries late for that, so he had to resign himse...

Pol Ponsarnau

DIRECTOR-Pol Ponsarnau (born 1980) is a Catalan director, who has been living and working in Berlin since 2010. He studied Audiovisual Communication at the Pompeu Fabra University...

Rebeca Calle

DIRECTORA- Rebeca is a Spanish director based in Madrid, Spain. She graduated in 2012 just after directed her first short film, then follow music videos and fashion films, some of...


DIRECTOR- Born in San Sebastian, on the shore of the Cantabrian Sea. She studies Humanities and moved to Barcelona making her way into the world of advertising. She goes deeply int...

Cesc Nogueras

DIRECTOR - Cesc Nogueras is a director and director of photography from Barcelona. He has extensive experience in

advertising, but he has also done several film projects in...

Ricard L. Befan

DIRECTOR- Ricard L. Befan has been telling stories with images from the age of 5. First in comic books, then in Super 8... exploring all formats from analog video to 35mm during hi...

Mireia Gimeno

PHOTOGRAPHER- Mireia Gimeno is a photographer and cinematographer with several years of experience.  Originally from Castellon but resident in Barcelona. She is a soul travele...


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