Mendips was shooting in Palma de Mallorca from 19th to the 20th of October the new spot for the Italian cookies 'Gran Pavesi' with the production company BRW Filmland.
The director for this project was Samuel Crawford with the director of photography Paolo Caimi, with whom Mendips has already had the pleasure of work for other projects.

 Gran Pavesi launches its new line of cookies with different flavors and to tell us about it, it situates us on a desert island in which some indigenous people share their cookies with a shipwrecked man. The actors for this Spot were the same of the previous one, since the story is a continuation.
The location chosen for the filming was Cala Tuent in Mallorca. Cala Tuent it's  hidden cove among the mountains that has a part of mountain and a part of beach, so it's perfect to recreate an environment of 'virgin paradise island' that has nothing to envy to the location of the previous commercial (Thailand)

The shooting of Gran Pavesi took place three days in Cala Tuent. The art department did a great job turning the cove into a paradise island, for this they built the house of the shipwrecked, they created quicksands, an open-air cinema and a villa for the indigenous people.

 Mallorca is an incredible destination to shot your project, due to its incredible coves, beaches and nature that can be found there. It is also highly recommended for car shootings, since it has roads with impressive curves


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