Featuring beaches, forests, deserts, cliffs classic and modern architecture, it´s no wonder many productions are choosing Catalonia as their premiere shoot location. With professional crew and equipment hire, competitive prices, and the ability to jump from a desert landscape to a stunning beach in less than three hours, there's a lot to love (not to mention the local cuisine) Here, the team at Mendips Productions showcase a selection of the possibilities you can find in this region of Spain.


Barcelona - a perfect mix of classic and modern architecture. Ideal for cars, fashion films and more.


Thinking about  a breakfast scene in France? Enjoy a croissant on Barcelona's rooftops.


Calella, Cadaques & Cala S'Alguer make the perfect stand in for an Italian fishing village.


Not enough budget to go to America? Catalonia's got you covered. We've got police stations


American-style houses


Amazing landscapes that will leave you breathless? Yeah, we've got lots of them.


Aiguestortes Natural Park - High mountains and paradors


Pantano de la Llosa de Cavalls: Nature in its real state. Curvy roads and lakes.


Tavertet, Girona. All the cliffs you could ever want above the clouds


Platja de l'Illa Roja, Costa Brava. Pirates, summer fun and maybe even a desert island?


Monegros Natural Park - A two hour and a half drive from Barcelona. Cars, Fashion, Western what are you up to?


Delta del Ebro, Tarragona. A natural park with lots of options for shooting  in the beach or the dessert.  Kilometric beaches and  rice fields extending towards the infinite, a network of roads wih the majestic Ebro river.


Boi Taull - Lleida. All the snow you need, curvy roads, ski stations, cabins and much more


Looking for a Car/motorbike shot? We have roads for awake all your senses


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