Rani Carmeli

Rani is one of the most sought-after directors. His success can be attributed to his great work with actors as well as his charisma and unwavering devotion to every project he takes on. He has a unique talent in building visually rich worlds, telling stories, and creating comedic and emotional nuances. Rani is a leading director in projects combining live action and animation, his consummate storytelling, with a particularly deft command of comedy, creating a natural interaction between actors and animated characters. Rani’s campaigns have won numerous accolades around the world. Among his clients you can find the top brands in the market and commercials he directed were Cannes Shortlist, Euorbest Shortlist, Golden Drum award , Midas award, Promax L.A award. Rani won the Israeli Academy Award for his feature documentary Mom’s First Olympics and directed the TV series The Brown Girls which won an award at the Jerusalem Film Festival